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IPoC Workshop (April 2014): Interactive Patina of Culture – Designing Social Interaction in Public Spaces

This workshop will take place during the SDL weeks, from April 7 to April 18 2014, in Taicang, China. We will be working together which teachers and students from Chinese universities (Jiangnan University, Nanjing University of Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts etc), creating or designing public installations for social interaction, inspired by elements and techniques from performance arts in the theme of “Interactive Patina of Culture”.

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IPoC Workshop (April 2014) Draft Schedule (version 2)

Arriving on April 6 or earlier


Monday, April 7 (begin: 9am)

  • Introduction session(9-9:30)
  • Presentations by Yu, Lucian, Mathias and Jun(9:30-12:00)
  • Presentation  about performance expression  by Zhang Shimin(afternoon from 13:00-15:00)
  • Drawing and modeling Workshop (afternoon after 15:00until end of day)

Tuesday, April 8 (begin: 9am)

  • Presentation about how to use bodily movements to express mood, social role, space and time by guest dancers(in the morning)
  • Performing workshop student groups guided by dancers(afternoon)

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