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This work is based on one of the nine interactive public art installations designed during a 2 week workshop, Interactive Patina of Culture, in Taicang, China. The theme for this installation is Replication.

We wish to reflect upon the replicative nature of the many activities and vocations in our daily lives. The interaction aids this reflection. Approaching the installation, you will find your image projected, replicated and delayed multiple times with several effects. Change the outcome of the installation through movement which flows like a wave to each subsequent panel. Therefore what we do today impacts tomorrow. Static motions with minimal change and effort result in a progressively bland, colourless and disintegrating image. While with increased effort and change our image and consequently our lives are more vibrant and interesting.

Bio of the Group:

  • This work is based on a design by Emilija Marinkovic, Jiali Tang, Xiaoyun Zhang and Yuyuan Zhou, one of the nine results of an international workshop in collaboration with the industrial design faculty, TU/e, School of Digital Media, Jiangnan University, and the Science and Education New Town, Taicang. This work is adapted and developed for DDW 2014 by professors, researchers and students at the industrial design faculty, TU/e.
  • Coordinated and facilitated by Dr. Jun Hu and Dr. Mathias Funk.
  • Concept development and design facilitated by PhD Researcher Yu Zhang, Emilija Marinkovic and Swayon Leung.
  • Project implementation facilitated by Yu Zhang, Dr. Mathias Funk, Lucian Reindl and students Emilija Marinkovic, Swayon Leung with help from Marin Sikkenk and Anouk van Ranst.
  • We would like to thank Chet Bangaru, Yannick Brouwer, Xu Lin, Bin Yu, Linkai Tao and Chao Wang for their kind help and support.