Design for Social Interaction in Public Spaces (May 2015, Taicang)

Theme: Nature

“Nature is the origin of all life and its representation manifests itself in one of history’s most traditional artistic genres: the landscape picture. In history cartography, the term Terra Incognita designates places which—according to the cartographer—have yet to be discovered but whose existence is surmised. Since the invention of photography, the new practical medium was regarded as a necessary ‘documentational device’ for explores and pioneers in the 19th century, an instrument that can realistically capture previously undiscovered exotic tracts of land. Within seconds of something being observed, it became possible to convey impressions, emotions and situations, consequently shaping information concerning foreign landscapes that was largely composed of images.”—– TERRA INCOGNITA Perception of the Landscape Today by KIT

Nature is still a mystery to us. Images serve us the rapid transference of information and messages on nature. What we can experience in the nature is the process of realizing a respect for the overpowering forces of nature. When reality is often constructed and even overly constructed, how to find possible answers to the crucial question regarding the relationship between man and his environment in the 21st century.

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DB218 – DB218 Design for Social Interaction in Public Spaces (May 2015, Taicang) – Check List

Before you leave for China, please check this list .

Things to bring with you:

  • Passport + flight ticket
  • Laptop. bring your power, wired network and display adapters. You do NOT need a power plug adapter — Chinese sockets can usually host EU and US plugs.
  • Arduinos + sensors + actuators (as many as possible) in your check-in baggage. Do NOT put them in your cabin luggage.
  • Cardboard modeling tools in your check-in baggage. Do NOT put them in your cabin luggage. Check for what these tools are.

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