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Replication. (IPoC Taicang 2014 April, group 8)

by Emilija Marinkovic, Jiali Tang, Xiaoyun Zhang, Yuyuan Zhou

Concept video:

Prototype Video


The keyword for our drama is “Replication”. The drama revolves around the idea that China is replicating the West, in particular America. This is based on the assumptions that the western way is the best way because being western means that you are developed. Therefore copying the western way means a greater amount of wealth. By doing this, the western culture is creating a new patina on top of Chinese culture.


With our interactive display, we would like to create an awareness. We want people to realize that the west is being replicated and to ask themselves whether this is good, whether they really want this and what this means for their own individuality and culture.


Due to the content of the script, we think it would make it much more effective to place the installation in a western-style mall, so that as people are made aware of this phenomenon, they can look around them and realize that this is true, and that they are taking part in this reality on a day-to-day basis.


As the user walks past the installation, they will realize that they are being projected onto a grid in the installation. There are multiple screens in this grid (~35) where each grid will replicate and make a delay for one second of the video previous to it. In that way all of the videos of the user will show the user copying him/herself thereby creating a very simple though quite strange interaction as the user realizes that each of their movements will be replicated over and over again for 34 seconds.

As the replication goes on, each screen will begin to distort or degrade the image of the user. This is meant to symbolize the lower quality of the replicated items. The final screens will also have a layer of logos pervading
the background and eventually foreground in order to better visualize the take-over that western brands are having over modern Chinese culture.