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Bubbles (IPoC Taicang 2014 April, group 6)

Swayon Leung, Yi Li, Ying Zhao, Hongrui Qu

Concept video

Prototype video


Indirect expression/communication is a common trait found in the Chinese culture, and
it is beautiful due to the imaginative space it offers throughout the process; instead of
omitting it like direct expression/communication.


People walking by the wall, and difference sizes bubbles will be projected on the wall.
After a random amount of time, the bubble will pop, and an animation of the mist from
the popped bubble will fall into a pattern/picture before disappearing


The wall located in between the spinning swings and bumper karts at YanShan Park.


Drawing on the wall by adding bubbles to change the appearance of the wall.
Reading / Watching the changing of appearance
Thinking about the pattern the mist are forming from the popped bubbles