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The rock sausage (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 6)

Suzanne Rutgers, Jian Wang, Yunke Shi, Nan Xu

In the Chinese culture it is very common that parents are really worried about their children and are willing to help them in every possible way, even with relationships. They believe that children are able to live a complete and happy life when they will marry and have babies. This is why parents and messengers gather at the park in order to find the perfect match for the youngsters.

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You (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 7)

Victor Donker, Ola Wronska, Youhong Peng, Wentin Du, Yudan Ma


Numerous inputs form who we are and what is our identity. Human personality and character is constantly influenced by external inputs such as society, living environment or trends. Trying to keep up with current world is a never ending race that requires people to change their behavior and values. Such changes form a brand new identity – a picture of who (we think) we are. We lose at the same time the sight of our “real self”.

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DPI52: Design for Social interaction in Neighbourhoods

Project proposed by Caroline Hummels, Jun Hu, Vera Winthagen, Philémonne Jaasma

dpi52We provide 4 specific contexts within the broad scope of this project. You will choose one of the following contexts, each with their own challenges, to work on during the semester.

The project takes a hands-on, embodied approach, using reflection as a mechanism to gain knowledge. Consequently, you will build from lo-fi to high-fi prototypes as of the first week, go into context to try them out, analyse and reflect on the process and outcome (documented in one-minute videos), and move to the new iteration. The process will be guided by reoccurring cross-coach feedback moments in which we discuss all the videos, so that we can share insights from different perspectives of the project directions amongst the project teams.

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