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The rock sausage (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 6)

Suzanne Rutgers, Jian Wang, Yunke Shi, Nan Xu

In the Chinese culture it is very common that parents are really worried about their children and are willing to help them in every possible way, even with relationships. They believe that children are able to live a complete and happy life when they will marry and have babies. This is why parents and messengers gather at the park in order to find the perfect match for the youngsters.

Trying to express yourself but not feeling able to do so because of social pressure.

When walking by the installation, judging shadows will appear once you are expressing yourself too much (expressing yourself could be through sound, gestures, or something else). When you behave like everyone does on the streets, everything will be good and the shadow is only looking at you.

We are still having a hard time figuring out the exact interaction. We want to be able to make participants feel our drama as real as possible and do not see our installation as a funny game. The interaction would probably be something really sensitive and the design of the images/shadows will be of great importance in order to make people experience the drama.


– Not only sad faces! Probably some people will react positive as well to expressing yourself. They can encourage the participant to even express himself more
– When people are encouraged and discouraged to do something, what will happen: pressure
– People need a hint on what they should do
– Shadows because you do not know who is judging you
– We do not solve a problem, we do not judge
– Very subtle interactions (it is an intimate personal thing) à reflect this in the design. Quality in minimalism
– Experiments this weekend
– People in the background become the shadows in the front
– Not just a wall, 3D, something you walk around: people need to be able to spend time at the installation
– Music pulls you towards the installation
– Wall with two sides (one side shadows of people that are behind the wall)
– Graphics are very important (how it looks will influence the feeling people will get)
– What if you judge your own actions? Or first do it yourself and then judge other people