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Do you dare, (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 1)


Choosing to act as an individual or acting in a collective.


Everybody is culturally motivated to act as an individual or in a collective. This is a choice that has to be made over and over again, in different situations. Individualism cannot exist without collectivism and vice versa. People have to grow as an individual in order to be important in a collective.


The installation invites participants to take up different roles, and work together in doing so. The visualizations provide the people with the sense of being important as an individual, but also as being important for the collective. By switching roles within the process, people experience both. This is visualized as a starry night, as stars can be single and bright (like the sun) or as a beautiful connected entity.


In the installation there is projected on persons, these persons can either act individual or as a collective. Individual means that they move separately from other people, collective means that they are close or connected to other people.

If somebody is individual, a star slowly grows on their body over time. As soon as they connect with somebody else, this large star scatters into a network of stars, which connects to the other person’s body.

In order to keep the bigger network existing, at least two people need to stay connected – otherwise everything vanishes. But in order to grow the network, individuals are needed to ‘nurture’ the stars.