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Workshop: Projection Mapping in Processing, April 9

In this workshop we are going to use Processing 1.5.1. Please download the stable release 1.5.1, instead of the beta versions.

Libraries to be installed

  • For both keystone and SurfaceMapper below, you will be in need of
    • GSVideo offers video playback, capture and recording functionalities.
    • GLGraphics that extends the capabilities of the OPENGL renderer in Processing. To use this library, your computer graphics hardware should be able to handle OpenGL textures, image post-processing filters, 3D Models, and shaders in GLSL, Cg and CgFX
  • keystone, to experience and understand the problem of projection mapping.
    • Please download and install the earlier version that works with Processing 1.5.1. 
    • If you are running this on Windows or Linux, you will need to also install the JAI (Java Advanced Imaging library) for your platform.
      • For windows platform, you might have to copy “jai_core.jar” from the place you installed JAI to the “library” directory of your keystone library.
  • SurfaceMapper, to be used for more challenging projection mapping tasks.