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Thom van Boheemen: Rich experience design through public installations

Public installations have the opportunity to influence many people due to their location and the vast amount of people that are exposed to them. However, due to lack of interaction these installations might waste this opportunity of creating a rich experience for the people. This paper investigates how interaction with public installations affects its users by evaluating the experience of users while interacting with a specially designed prototype.

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Sophie Brenny: Leave your mark

The objective of this research project was to explore ways of increasing people’s feeling of inclusion and connectedness in a public space using a public art concept as a medium within the constraints of the project description. A concept using blackboards with an added digital element was developed as a research tool.

Through this process report, the author will explain the inspiration for the project, analysing for example existing concepts and forms of self-expression in public spaces. The journey will then take you through the process of how the concept came into being through rigorous academic research, thought and analyses. The report explains all the relevant aspects of these processes.

Details of and insights on the research methodology results will be found in the Research Paper section of this report

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