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Together Alone (IPoC Taicang 2014 April, group 4)

Janelle Ye  |   Kaay Ma  |  Orange Wang   |  Anouk Van Ranst

Concept Video

Prototype Video

Together Alone |

Concept by | Janelle Ye  |   Kaay Ma  |  Orange Wang   |  Anouk Van Ranst

Theme |


As a result of the family planning policy in China , families ended up only having one child, there for these children are often spoiled and treated as “crystal-cabinet kids”. When growing up, the Chinese kids concentrate upon studying and learning extra skills which might be helpful in life. Due to this lifestyle they don’t meet many other kids, just at school or maybe the kid of the friends of their parents. Up and until the time when they attend University he/she has ben most of the time alone….

Drama |


The drama kicks in right at the time when they first attend university . This is where they actually get confronted with how spoiled they where and how nice it is to have your own room and space without having to share it. There for the drama / conflict of being alone vs having allot of people around you kicks in.

Context  |

Within the environment of the university we create an installation in which we re-create the comfort of being home. We have made an abstraction of the presence of 2 parents being around you without you have to communicate with them. This since at the age of 17 you don’t actually like to communicate with them anymore. Although the illusion of having them around is enough.

Storyline |

At First the cube makes a breathing outer glow augmented by lightning , when someone takes a seat inside this lightning stops. Secondly after 1 minute 2 shadows appear inside the cube to suggest the presence of your parents. The cube offers a shelter to create the lonely moments you so miss out on when away from home.