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Water: meaningful but dangerous. (IPoC Taicang 2014 April, group 9)

by Temara Hoogeweegen, Qingshuang Liao, Li Li, Rongfang Xi

Concept video

Prototype video


Water: it’s beautiful but dangerous, because of human pollution.


Taicang is an old harbor city. Water has always played an important role for its development. Water stands for purity and beauty, it expresses soft power A current problem throughout China is pollution. Since humankind has started developing and building we’ve started to pollute the environment. Taicang has relatively clean water, therefor it’s the right place to make people think about pollution right now, before its to late.

With our installation we want people to think about how humans when people get
closer to the water create more pollution. We want to make people think about the influence of human beings and their development, on nature.


Projected on plastic bottles representing pollution. Bottles filled with Taicang water. (small labels would indicate where the water is from). Location: Next to river or lake.


The nearer people get to the installation the dirtier the projected water gets. People can
play with the distance to the installation and see the effect in the projection.