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Let’s talk (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 4)


In Chinese culture there is often an imbalance of connections between children and their parents. Parents pressure their children into working hard, but come from a different generation background. Children have problems communicating their discomfort about this situation because of the imbalance. They feel like their parents speak a different language, and it is hard to even express their love for each other. Only when this connection becomes balanced again, the barrier between children and their parents might disappear and emotions can be expressed freely with mutual understanding.


“I want you to do well in school, it will be better for you. Just keep on working hard. Look at the neighbors kids!” (They understand that I love them, they need to think about their future too)
“Yes mother…” (I feel like they treat me like a kid. I know she wants the best for me but they pressure me so hard… I want to say I love them but I’m not sure if I can, it’s like they speak a different language.)


Users enter the installation from two sides, like a tunnel. The space is pretty narrow so the users already feel placed into a forced position of uncomfort. Maybe the stronger user is placed higher than the weaker to add to the feeling of inbalance. Users can invite eachother to use the installation.


We will take sound from the strong user, and distort it towards the weak users in a scary way. We will take sound from the weak user, and distrot it towards the strong user in a helpless way. Both users wear a headset that gives us control over the sound and makes them feel more connected with eachother.