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Inkstone of culture (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 5)


China is a rapidly developing and therefore changing country. This fast change causes a cultural gap in between the younger and older generation. China houses both the traditional culture as the culture heavily influenced by western society. They differ in values, thinking and lifestyle.  At the moment those cultures clash and are ‘fighting’ for a place in society. But in the end the cultures are expected to form a new, modern Chinese culture with both traditional and western influences. The people of China should not be afraid to form this new culture but embrace both the new and old influences.


The drama in this story is the struggle between new and old, both in generations and culture. This struggle is the patina of the culture itself, because it basically shows that the traditional Chinese culture is wearing of and is forming a new modern culture.

This drama is nor good or bad and this is stressed in the rest of the project. The point is not making a judgment about people or culture itself, but to make people aware of the change and comfort them by showing that they are not that different and are able to form one society.

Production and interaction

The production only changed in terms of interaction. The overall form is still a pond, but the input now is done directly in the water. The users use their body (hands) as input. They can leave messages, which after a while will dissolve in ink and flow to the middle of the water. Depending on the position you stand around the bath, the input will differ in style and color. Traditional versus modern will merge in the middle. When no input has be done for a while, the drawings/texts will fade.

Prototype: For prototyping means, the interactive model will be developed in processing and will make use of Leap Motion to receive input from the users, and the output will be shown on a screen giving the user the possibility of interacting with it directly.