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LOOK (IPoC Taicang 2014 Nov, group 2)

  • At the start of life, everyone is endowed with the most true and pure nature, but with time passing, the growth of self-awareness, there are more and more material needs and spiritual desire encroached on our heart, we also play many social roles, life created a lot of masks to camouflage ourselves, when material has been beyond our real heart, people tend to lose themselves.

  • People are always lost in the materialistic and camouflage, and want to find themselves; then think about “who am I, where did I come from, who is the man I want to be “, so the contradiction and collapse often makes people to fall in sorrow and misery,stucking in the choice between materialistic and real heart.
  • People will eventually lose all the pursuit of the things, and even life, materialistic and camouflage will be broken, like at the beginning,we will give our life back to life .
  • Different surface projection
  • There is a wall (look like a big poster) with many boxes (only one box can be real interaction), inside the box into the patterns of the entire wall.